Strenthening and Lengthening

Improve Balance

Increase Flexibility

Let's Age





Experience Essentrics with Certified Instructor Diane Davisson at her Westside Studio!


Workouts are one hour long:

Mondays @ 12:30pm

Wednesdays @ 10am

Fridays @ 11:30am

Saturdays @ 1:15pm


$15 per Session / $10 each for 2 or more workouts per week


Who Essentrics is for

Women and men of all ages who...

Want to increase flexibility and mobility

Seeking a workout to relieve pain

Are looking to tone their body without weights

Need increased range of motion

Have had past injuries and seek a safe workout

Enjoy a dynamic workout with great music!

What Essentrics does

Defines the waist

Creates toned, lean and strong arms

Slenderizes thighs and quads

Creates flat, defined abs

Improves posture

Lifts the butt

Helps relieve pain

Helps to  prevent back problems

Helps speed up recovery time through increased blood flow

Creates a youthful feeling body

More Info: 310.991.9195

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